Reflecting the Changes on the Client Side

Reflecting the Changes on the Client Side

While the domain is in Development Mode, you can debug the code changes on the end user browser, without publishing the bundle or patch. Adding a parameter to the website URL is all you need to do to make the accessibility engine download the patches and debug the new code at run-time. Concatenating the parameter with the value "TRUE" to the website URL will use the patches on the client side. For example: Once the development phase is complete, the Development Mode must be turned off and the bundle must be published.
While on development mode a message will be added to the accessibility menu stating it is in adjustment process.
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    • Would accessibility scanner such as “Allyable” identify the Accessibility Overlay modifications to the site showing that the site is now more accessible?

      Yes. Allyable accessibility is applied as a virtual layer on top of the website code, meaning once the website is loaded the accessibility modifications are already applied. Other tools will rank it higher as well as google SEO ranking