Partners contains the list of partners and resellers. Each partner or reseller can log in to the system with his specific permissions and manage his accounts and domains.

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    • Creating a new partner

      The new partner page will ask for some information to be filled in: Status – Partner can be set as Active, Disabled or a Lead (Automatic) Partner contact – The administrator user who is assigned to that partner Company details – Name, Number, ...
    • Step 1 - Partner

      In order to create a new license/domain, the partner must be selected. If the partner does not exist, it will be created by filling in the empty fields in each form. Once a new partner is created, user information is also required.Picking a partner ...
    • Setting the scope

      Setting a scope allows the system to display only relevant information by a domain, account, partner or date range. It is possible to use multiple filter types simultaneously. Filtering by Domain/Account/Partner Filtering by Dates
    • Creating a new account

      Each account must have a partner set and additional information entered in: Status – Active, Disabled, Lead (Automatic) Account contact Company details – Name, Number, Address, etc. Subscription plan – The required sale package which set the number ...
    • Is the Accessibility Overlay hosted on-premise by your company or can it be hosted on an ELC server? If it needs to be hosted on-premise is it hosted via Cloud or on a physical company server?

      The main activity is by using our SaaS environment. We do support On-Premise but as Microsoft partners we prefer the customer to use Microsoft Azure private cloud if available.