Once you have logged into A-platform, the first page you'll see is a user-friendly dashboard that monitors content, reports issues, and provides information about encountered accessibility issues and domains with the most errors.

Clicking a specific domain in the graph or in any of the tables in the dashboard brings you to the issue's details page, which displays more information. You can also get to these details by selecting the appropriate Make-Senseā„¢ menu item.

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      The AI-Web dashboard displays the number of issues and their impact, within a timeframe. The data can be filtered by: Domain name Date range Source (AllyFix Runtime/AllyFix Engine) Impact (minor/moderate/serious/critical) Category – Law regulations ...
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      Using chrome developer tools Chrome developer tools provide additional information on each violation. open chrome developer tools by going to chrome settings → more tools → developer tools. Expand the “Element” tab on the left panel and “Allyable” on ...
    • Summary Row

      The top main row allows you to filter the issues by Auto/Manual fixes, Impact/Severity, Waiting for approval, etc.